Green Cleaning

Go Green with Kleen Bathrooms and Norwex Products

Let us show you what Green Cleaning can mean to you and your family

Ever wondered what a Green Cleaning could mean to your family  We specialize in green cleaning and even sell green cleaning products  As a Norwex© products consultant, Kleen Bathrooms is unique among cleaners viagra norge.  Not only do we use these products for our green clean jobs – we can also sell product directly to you.

  • Families live happier, healthier lives as we create safe havens by radically reducing chemicals in our homes with simple, cost-effective solutions that truly work
  • The Norwex© Movement is a global community working to effect change by reducing the chemicals and waste that challenge the health of our environment.

Earn discounts on your green cleaning

When you buy your Norwex© products through our website, you earn Kleen Bathroom giftcards for use on our cleaning services -10% of your Norwex purchases

Remove the germs, don't just clean them!

Green Cleaning is different than typical cleaning um diese jungs herumblättern.  When you go Green with Norwex products, you are actually removing the dirt and germs.  With normal household cleaning products, you are applying harsh chemicals that attempt to kill the germs, but ultimately these products leave the dead germs behind cialis 20mg price.  Choose a Norwex cleaning to remove the dirt and germs continue.